• Awards
    Edna & Robert Langholz International Nutrition Award
    Vol. 16 Issue 1
    Nominate yourself or someone you know for the prestigious Edna & Robert Langholz International Nutrition Award that honors the person whose contribution to nutrition has had the greatest international significance. The recipient will receive the award in person at the 2010 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and will be expected to give a 45 minute presentation as part of the formal program. The recipient will receive a bronze statue representing the award and a $25,000 award (US).The nominee may be a citizen of any country. No resident or citizen of any one country may win consecutively (any applicant from Denmark is therefore not eligible in 2010).

    Nomination forms are available at:http://www.adaf.org/cps/rde/xchg/adaf/hs.xsl/8459_14346_ENU_HTML.htm or by calling Beth Labrador, ADA Foundation at 800/877-1600, ext. 4821, or e-mailing blabrador@eatright.org. Nominations must be accompanied by a written achievement summary of the nominee’s accomplishments in the field of food and/or nutrition and the international impact of those achievements. Hard copy and electronic nominations will be accepted and must be received by October 5, 2009.

    Past Recipients include:
    ** 1992- Elsie May Widdowson, PhD, DSc
    Among many accomplishments, she played a major role in developing our present understanding of the relationships of food to child growth.

    ** 1995- Perla Santos Ocampo, MD
    Recognized for outstanding works and accomplishments in the twin scourges of diarrheal diseases contributed in the elucidation of etiologic factors and planning of control measures that reinforced international recommendations in oral rehydration and nutritional management.

    ** 1997- Doris Howes Calloway, PhD
    United States
    Known for contributions extensive in both quantity and subject matter, the diversity of her work demonstrates her exceptional mastery of a broad spectrum of human nutrition and food science.

    ** 2004- Andrew (PhD) and Ann (PhD) Prentice
    The first husband and wife team to receive this award, the Prentice’s are recognized for their outstanding contributions to international nutrition. Andrew’s research focuses on pregnancy and lactation, energy requirements and adaptations and malnutrition. Ann’s research is in the area of nutrient requirements for bone health, encompassing the nutritional problems of both affluent and developing societies.

    ** 2006- Jean H Hankin, DrPH MS MPH RetRD
    United States 
    Dr. Hankin is Professor and Researcher Emeriti, Epidemiology Program, Cancer Research Center and Professor of Public Health, University of Hawaii. Her research focused on the role of diet as a risk factor of the development of chronic diseases among many different populations around the globe. She perfected a dietary methodology that is appropriate for various ethnic groups which revealed the differences in risk factors attributed to diet. 

    ** 2008- Jorn Dyerberg, MD, DMSc, DHC
    His groundbreaking studies on the health benefits of consuming fish oils provided the foundation for research on omega-3 fatty acids. Dyerberg is now medical and scientific advisor for Napro-Pharma Ltd. in Norway.