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    The ICDA newsletter features reports from member national dietetics associations about advances in dietetics and association news as well as announcements of awards, events, and resources and feature articles of interest to the international community of Dietitians and Nutritionists.

    Dietetics and Nutrition Around the World is published three times a year - in March, July and November.The due date for submission of articles is January 31, May 31 and September 30.

    2016 Vol.23 Issue 1

    March 2016


    ICDA Board of Directors


    From Sandra Capra, Chair of the ICDA Board of Directors

    Welcome to 2016 – yes it’s the Chinese year of the Red Fire Monkey but it’s also the year of the 17th ICD in Granada. Only six months to go so I hope you all have your travel plans well in hand. It is a really terrific program and there is still time to register!!

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    Feature Article


    Global Nutrition Forum – Elevating Nutrition on the Global Agenda

    The inaugural meeting of the Global Nutrition Forum (GNF) was held on October 25th and 26th, 2015 in Amsterdam, co-hosted by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), the AND Foundation (ANDF) and the European Federation of Associations of Dietitians (EFAD).

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    National Dietetic Association Reports


    Professional Education Activities in Argentina

    During the year 2015, the Argentinean Association of Dietitians and Nutritionist Dietitians (AADYND) carried out several online and onsite courses, workshops and other continuing professional education sessions. A total of 850 professionals and students participated in these activities..

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    40 years of DAA

    In 2016, the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is excited to be celebrating 40 years - and we have lots to celebrate! DAA strives for leadership in dietetics, food and nutrition for healthier people and healthier nations. As the peak body of dietetic and nutrition professionals in Australia, we are proud to currently represent more than 5,800 members ranging from student members through to Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitians (AdvAPDs) and Fellows of DAA (FDAA).

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    5th MTD Forum in Vienna, Austria

    MTD-Austria is a group comprising of the 7 Medical Health Profession Organisations. MTD-Austria works together with the common interest of achieving political and professional goals. Some of these goals are registration, promoting master degrees and PhD`s in health professions, research and professional development.

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    Canadian Dietitians Collaborate on Inter-Professional Practice and Dietetic Education Accreditation

    Over the past year, Dietitians of Canada has been involved in several major projects to enhance inter-professional learning and collaboration amongst allied health professionals.

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    The Second Trial for Getting the Right to Prescribe Medical Nutrition Products in Finland

    The Association of Clinical and Public Health Nutritionists in Finland has tried to change the current situation of how medical nutrition products are prescribed in Finland. This is in order to get financial support from the state when buying these products. At present, only medical doctors are allowed to prescribe these products.

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    Indian Dietetic Association’s 48th National Conference Deliberates on “Nutrition in Transition – A Global Challenge”

    Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) in its endeavor to encourage evidence based nutrition organized its 48th Annual National Conference from 19th to 21st November at Bengaluru, India. The conference spearheaded by Sheela Krishnaswamy, National President of IDA, and Priyanka Rohatgi, Organizing Secretary of the conference, along with the organising committee, witnessed the participation of nearly 1200 delegates coming from across India, USA and Australia.

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    Philippine Dietitians Lobby for Upgrade of the Nutrition and Dietetics Law

    The advocacy for the Nutrition and Dietetics (ND) Bill has been a tremendous challenge especially for nutritionist-dietitians who are not familiar with how legislation works in the Philippines. The arduous task of lobbying and connecting with legislators in the House of Representatives and in the Senate has been faced with courage and determination by the Nutritionist-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines (NDAP), including Member Benefits Committee headed by Ms. Josephine Jamon.

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    Activities of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, USA

    The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has been busy on many fronts - Global Nutrition Forum, Society of Latin American Nutritionists conference, United Nations Women's Health Forum, international work through the Evidence Analysis Library, a WHO collaboration, developing a Nutrition Care Manual for Adolescence and Adults living with HIV, and a meeting with the Chinese Nutrition Society.

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    Did you see the resources for IYP 2016?

    Dietitians of Canada volunteered to prepare resources to support ICDA members to promote the International Year of Pulses 2016 (IYP 2016). We have posted on the ICDA website eight images you can use on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in power point presentations.

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    Directory of Resources for International Food, Nutrition and Dietetics Professionals

    Individuals pursuing a professional degree, or professionals who are seeking continuing education, training or work experience nationally or internationally, will find these resources helpful.

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    Directory of International Collaborations in Nutrition, Dietetics, Foodservice Management and Health Sciences

    A new directory identifies nutrition, dietetics, food management, and health science collaborations between U.S. universities sponsoring dietetics education programs and other global organizations.

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    Nutrition Education Resources for Health Practitioners

    The Academy Foundation and the Wimpfheimer-Guggenheim Fund for International Exchange in Nutrition, Dietetics and Management recently launched a project to collect free nutrition education resources for health practitioners working in developing countries.

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    Awards and Grants


    Wimpfheimer-Guggenheim ICDA Welcome Fund

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    Colgate Palmolive Fellowship in Nutrition, Oral Health/Dental Education

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    Gardens for Health International Fellowship

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    Calendar of Events


    Dietitians Association of Australia’s 33rd National Conference – On Track for the Future

    19-21 May 2016 in Melbourne, Australia


    MDA-AODA Conference 2016 – Translating evidence based into skills and competency

    May 25-28, 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


    Stronger Together - Dietitians of Canada National Conference

    June 8 – 11, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada


    National Nutrition Congress 2016

    September 3-5, 2016, Cape Town, South Africa


    17th International Congress of Dietetics (ICD) - Going to a Sustainable Eating

    September 7-10, 2016 in Granada, Spain

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