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    The ICDA newsletter features reports from member national dietetics associations about advances in dietetics and association news as well as announcements of awards, events, and resources and feature articles of interest to the international community of Dietitians and Nutritionists.

    Dietetics and Nutrition Around the World is published three times a year - in March, July and November.The due date for submission of articles is January 31, May 31 and September 30.

    2014 Vol.21 Issue 1

    March 2014


    ICDA Board of Directors


    From the Chair of the Board

    Welcome to Dietetics Around the World in 2014. Happy New Year to everyone and we hope the year ahead will bring both personal and professional rewards to all dietitians everywhere.
    I have just had the privilege of attending the Annual Conference of the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) in Pune, India, in December 2013. This was the last major event of the IDA’s 50th anniversary year.

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    Feature Article


    Vienna Declaration at the Conference in Austria

    In the course of the WHO European Ministerial Conference on Nutrition and Non-communicable diseases in the Context of Health 2020, a declaration was written which outlines guidelines and aims for all health care professionals including dietitians.

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    Your Guidance Needed

    The ICDA Board is attempting to develop a unified list of knowledge and competency statements that can be applied in any location of practice, worldwide.We will be meeting in November 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona to begin this work.

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    National Dietetic Association Reports


    AADYND´s Activities in Argentina

    AADYND (Asociación Argentina de Dietistas y Nutricionistas Dietistas) held the XX Annual Meeting of Nutritionists and the IV Buenos Aires Nutrition Conference with the participation of prestigious national and international speakers and more than 350 attendees. The theme was “Dietitian´s field of action: present and future”.

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    PEN: Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition® from Canada

    PEN: Practice-Based Evidence in Nutrition® can help to keep you on the leading edge of dietetic practice. Designed in a question and answer format, each topic area includes a collection of questions, evidence-based answers synthesized from the best international literature, references, tools, resources and background information. As an online database, the PEN system is fully searchable, providing easy access to over 180 topics reflecting all areas of dietetic practice.

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    The New Finnish Nutrition Recommendations

    The new Finnish nutrition recommendations were given in January. The Association of Clinical and Public Health Nutritionists in Finland has not been directly involved in renewing the recommendations, but a lot of members from the Association have been in the expert group. During the year 2014 our association will take active part in implementing the new recommendations.

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    Nutrition & Cancer – A Major Challenge for Dietitians in France

    In oncology, nutritional status is one of the essential elements in prognosis of the disease and the effectiveness of the treatment. However, these patients face the risk of malnutrition, especially those with digestive cancer (80%) and women with breast cancer (36%). In this context, and on the occasion of World Cancer Day, which takes place each year on the 4th of February, AFDN (The French Association of Nutritionist Dietitians) emphasizes the importance of the dietitians' role in overall nutritional care.

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    Energy Balance Health Programme for University Students in Hungary

    A free-of-charge professional programme of the Hungarian Dietetic Association called Energy Balance Health Programme for University Students was launched in March 2013 at three universities, aiming to promote healthy eating and living among the students. The programme consists of lectures by expert dietitians, free personal consultation, and a quick nutrition assessment. Nearly 1500 students have utilised the consultation since March.

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    Nutrition – One of the Hottest Topics in Iceland

    Nutrition is a popular subject among the Icelandic public and so are various cooking shows on television, cooking books, magazines and recipe websites. The top sellers before Christmas were mostly cooking books and books on “how to make a smoothie”. The cooking shows are both Icelandic and from other countries.

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    Indian Dietetic Association Concludes Its 50th Year Celebrations

    The Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) was formed in the year 1962. The association began its 50th year celebrations in 2012 and concluded it in December 2013 with its Annual National Conference held in the city of Pune. The conference was headed by Rekha Sharma, National President of IDA, and organised under the leadership of Geeta Dharmatti, President of the Pune Chapter of IDA.

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    Keeping Practice Guidelines at Your Finger Tips – USA

    As the use of technology expands in healthcare industry and is more portable with devices such as smart phones and tablets, the dietitian needs more resources that can be easily accessed with electronic devices. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is expanding the resources that can be accessed by electronic tools. This allows dietitians to have the most current materials with them on multidisciplinary healthcare rounds, in client counseling sessions and in community-based practice settings.

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    PEN: Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition®

    PEN:Practice-Based Evidence in Nutrition® can help to keep you on the leading edge of dietetic practice. Sign up for a FREE 15-day trial.

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    International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism (ISRNM) Membership

    Renal Dietitians are invited to become associate members of the ISRNM. The Annual Subscription rate is US Dollars 100 and includes the Journal of Renal Nutrition, published every 2 months.

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    The International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF)

    Keep checking the IFKF website www.ifkf.org for the latest news and how you can get involved with your own kidney foundation, those in your region and World Kidney Day.

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    Awards and Grants


    AADYND sponsors new research grant

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    Calendar of Events


    12th International Congress for the Study of Obesity

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 17-20 March 2014.

    The 17th ICRNM

    Wurzburg, Germany from May 6 – 10, 2014.

    51st European Renal Association-European Dialysis Transplant Association  Congress

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 31st May to 1st June, 2014.

    5th Buenos Aires Nutrition Conference

    Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 13-14, 2014.

    6th Asian Congress of Dietetics

    Taipei, Taiwan from August 21 – 24, 2014.

    The Brazilian Association of Nutrition – ASBRAN, along with Nutrition Association of the State of Espírito Santo - Anees is promoting CONBRAN

    Vitória - ES, Brazil from September 17 - 20, 2014.

    Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo

    Atlanta, Georgia, USA from October 18 – 21, 2014.

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