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    The ICDA newsletter features reports from member national dietetics associations about advances in dietetics and association news as well as announcements of awards, events, and resources and feature articles of interest to the international community of Dietitians and Nutritionists.

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    2021 Vol.28 Issue 1

    ICDA .                                                                                                                                                                 March 2021


    Feature Article 


    Les Diéteticiens


    Do you want dietitians to step in the light? Start with a new graphical charter
    Belgium, a small country of 11,000,000 inhabitants, has 3 regions: Walloon (where French is spoken), Flemish (where Dutch is spoken), German-speaking (where German is spoken). It has 2 national associations of dietitians: the VBVD (Vlaamse BeroepsVereniging of Diëtisten) and the UPDLF Union Professionnelle des Diététiciens de Langue Française (Professional Union of French-speaking Dietitians).


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    ICD Update


    ICD 2021 Moving to Virtual Format

    Please keep in touch with ICD 2021 and ADSA website for updates: 
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    National Dietetic Association Reports

    News from The Israeli Dietetic Association

    ATID’s First Virtual Conference

    The Israeli Dietetic Association (ATID) is committed to keeping its members abreast of up-to-date developments and exciting news in the field of dietetics and the science of nutrition. This year of unusual challenges required innovative organisation and creative solutions, resulting in ATID holding its first virtual conference on November 4 with an attendance of over 540 dietitians. 

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    News from Hungarian Dietetic Association

    Promoting the dietetic profession in Hungary

    The first Dietitian's Week in Hungary was held between 2 and 6 of June 2020, during which the Hungarian Dietetic Association showed the diversity of their profession and emphasized how they can help develop proper nutrition and diets for the treatment of certain diseases. The Facebook campaign aimed to make the general public aware that it is worth contacting dietitians with questions about nutrition because they are experts in this field.

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    News from German Association of Dietitians

    A survey to strive for revision - update 2020/Germany.

    In Germany, dietitians are a state regulated profession. Thus, governmental influence ensures patient safety as the content of education is regulated by federal Dietitian law. Like in many other countries around the globe, the professional requirements have changed because of an increasing number of multimorbid patients, the complexity of diseases and therapy and the increasing focus on evidence-based and interprofessional approaches.

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    News from the Hellenic Dietitian Association
    “The role of nutrition in the COVID-19 era”: Scientific conclusions based on a webinar organized by the Hellenic Dietitian Association

    In this report, we present the main scientific conclusions of the webinar "The role of nutrition in the era of COVID-19: Prevention, treatment and the factor of obesity". The webinar was organized by the Hellenic Dietetic Association (HDA), in collaboration with the Groups of Specialists in Clinical Nutrition, Weight Management and Public Health. It was moderated by Dr. Dorina Sialvera, president of the HDA and Dr. Christina Katsagoni, President of the Specialist Group of Clinical Nutrition.

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    News from French Association of Nutritionist Dietitians

    A step forward for the profession in France!

    The French government grants annual global funding per patient, to allow access to dietary consultations outside hospitals in the care process after cancer treatment.

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    News from Dietitians Australia

    2021 Dietitians Australia Membership Renewals

    Dietitians Australia’s membership renewals campaign kicked off during December 2020 and runs until the end of February 2021.

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    News from Indian Dietetic Association

    Success Story of Academic Opportunity in Pandemic Adversity’

    The 53rd IDACON (2020) – Dietetics in the Digital Era- Opportunities and Challenges (21st November 2020 – 10th January 2021)

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    News from Taiwan Dietitian Association

    Taiwan Dietitians in the community. What do we do?

    The health consciousness of the public is getting stronger and the health of the elderly is also highly valued, but the authenticity of online information is difficult to distinguish. The question "Where can I find a registered dietitian to tell me right from wrong?" is becoming general public's concern. By answering to these questions relate to daily lives, dietitians can interact with people in a much direct and effective way.

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    News from The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its Foundation

    2020 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®) Virtual Event Delivers for Participants Worldwide

    The global COVID-19 pandemic continues to create worldwide challenges across every profession, including how we as nutrition and dietetics professionals work and how we come together for education, networking and professional development.

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    News from The Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

    Annual report of the specialization groups of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

    Through our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) we aim to publicise all the work that is done at the Academy: what services we offer, training, professional documents for consultation, achievements in the profession, etc., all to improve the day-to-day running of the profession. 

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    Announcements & Calendar of Events

    Updates from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Wimpfheimer-Guggenheim ICDA Welcome Fund, VDD,Annual congress of Dietetics – online for 22nd-24th April,2021, Request from WHO to members of ICDA and The 58th European Renal Association-European Dialysis Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) Congress   

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