• Dietitians’ Association of Sri Lanka (DiASL)

    Sri Lanka

    Sanjaya Hettigedara | President | sla.dietitians@gmail.com | 303/1, Horana Road, | Piliyandala | Ph: +94117201498; +94777376670

    Description (english)

    Dietitian’s Association of Sri Lanka (DiASL) is the professional association of dietitians / clinical nutritionists in Sri Lanka. The association encourages professional development of dietitians and offers continuous education for members. Furthermore it promotes evidence based practices in dietetics and encourages dietitians to engage in scientific research in the field of clinical nutrition. DiASL also collaborates with higher education institutes and authorities to improve dietetics education programs in Sri Lanka.

    Official Contacts

    Contact Name : Nilushi Mudalige, , ICDA Representative
    Email : nilushimudalige@ymail.com