• Italian National Association of Dietitians (ANDID)

    Associazione Nazionale Dietisti


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    Description (english)

    The Italian Dietetic Association is the professional association for dietitians in Italy. According to the statute, ANDID works with the following commitments: recognition and protection of the profession through the establishment of the relevant register; promote the involvement of dietician in all areas of the NHS and those related to nutrition and dietetic; protect the formative, economic, social and cultural interest of the professionals; promote and support every initiative aimed at achieving security and welfare results for the category; promote and maintain relations with other national and international organizations of the sector; promote and encourage all initiatives in the technical, administrative and legislative framework affecting the category; organize and control theoretical and practical training in order to maintain a high quality level of professionalism of the dietitian and respond adequately to the needs of the population; promote any initiative aimed at the dissemination of all association activities and a favorable cultural attitude with the media appropriate editorial activity (publication of the magazine, website, other publications ...); any initiative to promote the interests of dieticians, including adhering to national and international federations; efforts to become a guarantor of the members, to ensure the quality of professional performance and services; identify homogeneous parameters, valid throughout the national territory, for the definition of the minimum cost of professional services.

    Official Contacts

    Contact Name : Marco Tonelli, ICDA Representative
    Email : presindente@andid.it