• The Austrian Association of Dietitians (VDO)

    Verband der Diaetologen Österreichs


    Andrea Hofbauer | President | office@diaetologen.at | Grüngasse 9/Top 20, 1050 Wien | Wien/Vienna | Ph: 43-1-602 7960 | Fax: 43-1-600 3824

    Description (english)

    The Austrian Association of Dietitians, represents its members in professional matters at national and international level. The association's structure is adapted to contemporary requirements. The association sees itself as an active dialogue partner between the government, physicians and other members of the NHS as well as the general pubic and insurance carriers. The establishment of the register for medical health professions ensures the long-term demands for quality assurance and patient safety. The bimonthly magazine “Diaetologen Dialog” is send to all members. The magazine provides information of the latest news in the area of nutrition and dietetics. Members receive reduced admission to seminars and congresses. The association produces folders, brochures and books that members can use as handouts or recommend to patients and clients. Placement resources are available, specifically to freelance Dietitians and job opportunities.

    Description (local language)

    Der Verband der Diaetologen Österreichs vertritt seine Mitglieder in standes- und berufsrelevanten Belangen auf nationaler und internationaler Ebene. Die Vereinsstruktur ist zeitgemäßen Erfordernissen angepasst. Der Verband versteht sich als aktiver Dialogpartner.

    Official Contacts

    Contact Name : Andrea Hofbauer, ICDA Representative
    Email : office@diaetologen.at