• The VDD - German Association of Dietitians (VDD)

    Verband der Diätassistenten - Deutscher Bundesverband e.V.


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    Description (english)

    The VDD - German Association of Dietitians [germ. Verband der Diätassistenten - Deutscher Bundesverband e.V.] was founded in 1957 in Mainz, Germany and is the only professional association for dietitians in Germany. The VDD was a founding and still is a member of the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1978 and is an active member of the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations (ICDA) since 1957. The VDD represents about 4.000 members (approximately one third of working dietitians in Germany) in nutritional and health relevant issues in politics, society and industries. Furthermore, the VDD provides a range of services for their members, such as the VDD journal, a newsletter, a download-service for working tools, accredited programs for further education and specialization of dietitians and provides legal service. Structure, Committees and Working groups: The current president of the VDD is Uta Köpcke and the vice presidents are Sabine Ohlrich-Hahn and Matthias Zöpke. The members elect the presidium of the VDD for a term of office of three years. During this time, the Presidential Board is responsible for all matters relating to the planning, realization and implementation of the Association's objectives. The VDD has 5 committees which advise the presidium regarding professional topics ·Nutritional therapy ·Education and Science ·Professional field ·Marketing ·Europe and International issues Each committee has their specialized working group/s, which develop the fundamental work for the committees. The members of the working group/s are voluntary dietitians who want to support the VDD and the professional work of the dietitians. Articles for the VDD media, tools for nutritional advice, seminars, sessions and LLL-programs are the result of their commitment. Members of the committees also link with other associations and specialist groups, share their competence and represent the VDD and the German dietetic workforce during conferences, meetings and various occasions. The VDD strongly supports the next generation of dietitians with an own working group called „VDD Junioren“. This working group consisting out of students and colleagues after graduation aims to support young professionals in the working field, provides a platform for internships and answers questions regarding various subject areas. The VDD Junioren are connected with ENDietS and exchange information. Congress: The VDD organizes an annual national congress in Wolfsburg, Germany with about 60 speaker for presentations and workshops. Every year more than 1400 dietitians use the platform to learn, unite, connect and get empowerment

    Description (local language)

    Der Verband der Diätassistenten - Deutscher Bundesverband e.V. (VDD) vertritt seit mehr als sechzig Jahren als einzige berufsständische Vertretung die Berufsgruppe der Diätassistenten berufspolitisch national und international und bietet weiterqualifizierende Maßnahmen an. Der VDD wurde 1957 mit Unterstützung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ernährung (DGE) in Mainz gegründet. Der VDD vertritt ca. 4.500 Diätassistenten und Diätassistentinnen berufspoltisch, dies sind ca. ein Drittel der berufstätigen Diätassistenten in Deutschland.

    Official Contacts

    Contact Name : Manuela Thul, ICDA Representative
    Email : vdd@vdd.de
    Second Contact Name : Uta Köpcke
    Email : vdd@vdd.de