• Dietitians Australia (DA)


    Robert Hunt | Chief Executive Officer | info@dietitiansaustralia.org.au | 1/8 Phipps Close | Deakin ACT 2600 | Ph: 61-2-6189-1200

    Description (english)

    Dietitians Australia is the peak body for dietetic and nutrition professionals, representing more than 7,000 members around Australia and overseas. More than a professional association, we’re a strong and inspiring community. We’re committed to supporting our members, advocating for our profession and building healthier communities. DAA and its members both research and deliver evidence-based information on food and nutrition locally, nationally and internationally. The DAA Board are responsible for governing the Association. The Board comprises eight elected Directors including the President and Vice-President.

    Official Contacts

    Contact Name : Danielle Gallegos, ICDA Board of Directors
    Email : danielle.gallegos@qut.edu.au
    Second Contact Name : Robert Hunt, Chief Executive Officer and ICDA Representative
    Email : info@dietitiansaustralia.org.au