• Union of Dietitians Nutritionists Greece (ED-DE)


    Spyridon Kanellakis | President | info@ed-de.gr | 23 Levidiou Street | Athens | Ph: 0030 2109966896 | Fax: 0030 2111830565

    Description (english)

    The Union of Dietitians Nutritionists of Greece is the leading association of nutrition specialists in Greece. In recent years, the dietitians of Greece decided to unite all nutrition specialists under one roof. In 2009, the legal documentations were complete, signed, and confirmed, and the Union was established gathering under its roof all the dietitians and nutrition specialists from students to PhD graduates from higher education institutes in Greece or abroad who are all working in Greece. Today, The Union numbers approximately 800 members. It is well structured divided into 8 peripheral domains to best serve all the dietitians in the country, for best governance and service of the interest of its members.

    Official Contacts

    Contact Name : Ms. Maria Despina Varakla , ICDA Representative
    Email : dvaraklas@gmail.com