Evidence-based dietetics practice
  • Approved by the ICDA Board of Directors November 13, 2010.

    Evidence-based dietetics practice is used to make decisions in all areas of dietetics practice to improve health outcomes in individual clients, communities and populations.
    Evidence-based dietetics practice clearly states the source of evidence underpinning practice recommendations.   To be relevant and effective, evidence-based dietetics practice must integrate knowledge of other disciplines.  
    Evidence-based dietetics practice is informed by ethical principles of dietetics practice and codes of good practice.  This includes reflection on how a dietitian’s own perspectives or biases may influence the interpretation of evidence.


    Evidence-based dietetics practice is about asking questions, systematically finding research evidence, and assessing the validity, applicability and importance of that evidence.  This evidence-based information is then combined with the dietitian's expertise and judgment and the client’s or community’s unique values and circumstances to guide decision-making in dietetics.

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