Nutrition Care Process Terminology
  • The Nutrition Care Process being promoted by the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations provides a framework for nutrition and dietetic practice. The Nutrition Care Process first described by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (previously ADA) promotes a standardized approach to improve the quality of nutrition care to patients and clients, including groups and caregivers.

    Nutrition Care Process Terminology (NCPT)

    Nutrition Care Process Terminology (NCPT) is a standardized language that is based on the standardized Nutrition Care Process described above.  It describes the unique functions provided in nutrition and dietetics practice. The NCPT defines standard terms, or language. for each step of the Nutrition Care Process. The NCPT promotes consistent communication about the practice of dietetics within the profession and between the profession and other professions.
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    International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF-Dietetics)

    The ICF is the World Health Organization (WHO) framework for measuring health and disability at both individual and population levels. ICF has been endorsed for use in WHO Member States as the international standard to describe and measure health and disability. The ICF itself does not include terms for describing the whole nutritional care process.  ICF-Dietetics includes additional nutrition and dietary terms in the ICF format and is accepted by the World Health Organization Family of International Classifications Collaborating Centre (WHO-FIC CC), in the Netherlands.
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