Nutrition Care Process Terminology
  • The Nutrition Care Process being promoted by the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations provides a framework for nutrition and dietetic practice. The Nutrition Care Process first described by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (previously ADA, American Dietetic Association) defines a standardized approach to provide nutrition care to patients and clients, including groups and caregivers.Nutrition-Care-Process.pngNutrition Care Process Terminology (NCPT)

    Nutrition Care Process Terminology (NCPT) is a standardized language that is based on the standardized Nutrition Care Process described above.  It describes the unique functions provided in nutrition and dietetics practice. The NCPT defines standard terms, or language for each step of the Nutrition Care Process. The NCPT promotes consistent communication about the practice of dietetics within the profession and other professions.2 The NCPT has been largely submitted to SNOMED CT (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine -- Clinical Terms). SNOMED is the largest multilingual medical terminology accepted for electronic health records. 

    A number of countries that have adopted the NCP/T have formed an international consortium to continuously track the implementation journey of NCP/T. This consortium known as INIS (International NCP/T Implementation Survey) has developed a validated survey tool3, has reported on the level of implementation of NCP/T4, and related barriers and enablers.5  This research supports that the most common enabler is 'recommendation by the national dietetic association' (69%) and the most common barrier is 'lack of time' (39%).5 As the INIS research consortium grows, more findings and knowledge will be shared.  

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