Board of Directors 2016-2020

    sandra-(1).gif   Tatsushi Komatsu
                            sheela-(4).gif   Sheela Krishnaswamy
    carole-(2).gif   Carole Middleton
    (United Kingdom)
        Judith Rodriguez
    (United States)
    russollillo-(1).gif   Giuseppe Russolillo
      marsha_sharp-(2).gif   Corinne Eisenbraun
    marsha_sharp-(2).gif   Elizabeth Solis


    • The elected Board of Directors is responsible for the management of ICDA in accordance with the requirements of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, the ICDA Articles and the By-laws approved by the Members of ICDA and Government of Canada.  
    • The minimum number of Directors is 4 and the maximum is 9. A director may be elected for any number of terms.
    • The Secretary is an officer of ICDA appointed by the directors from amongst the directors.
    • The Chair of the Board of Directors is an officer of ICDA appointed by the directors from amongst the directors.

    Election of directors

    • Members may nominate their official Representatives to stand for election to the ICDA Board of Directors. 
    • Nominations are invited from all Members in the years when vacancies are anticipated, in accordance with a formal official Call for Nominations. 
    • Directors are elected by official Representatives at an annual meeting of Members, generally for a four-year term beginning immediately following the annual meeting when elected.  
    • A profile for each qualified candidate is circulated with the Notice of Annual Meeting where the election is scheduled to take place.
    The Board of Directors can be contacted by email at: