NCPT Uptake in Canada
  • In May 2014, dietitians in Canada were asked about their use of the Nutrition Care Process Terminology (NCPT).  The survey was distributed to over 10,000 registered dietitians in both English and French.  Before distributing, Dietitians of Canada (DC) consulted with members of the Dietitians Association of Australia and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics International NCPT Committee in order to develop questions that could be used in other countries so that comparisons of data could be made in the future.  This was a follow-up to a similar survey conducted in 2011.
    Early review of the data shows that many more dietitians in Canada are using the NCPT than in 2011, and that there has been a significant increase in familiarity with NCPT and confidence in using it in practice.  While all four steps of the NCPT are used, it is Nutrition Diagnosis terms that are used most. 
    Over 65% of respondents said they felt very or somewhat prepared to implement the NCPT, and felt that the greatest benefits to their practice were that the NCPT provided a consistent structure and framework for nutrition care, provided a common vocabulary to identify nutrition problems, allowed for more concise documentation and consistent care when patients were transferred, and encouraged critical thinking.  Dietitians identified the tools and methods by which they would like to receive further training in the use of the NCPT, which DC will use to plan future professional continuing education programs. 
    A more detailed analysis of the responses will be conducted and shared through the Academy International NCPT Committee in the coming months.
    Corinne Eisenbraun, MA, RD, FDC
    Director, Professional Practice Development
    Dietitians of Canada