• Hong Kong Dietitians Association

    Hong Kong

    Sylvia Lam | ICDA Representative | chairman@hkda.com.hk | P.O. Box 73916, Kowloon Central Post Office | Kowloon

    Description (english)

    Hong Kong Dietitians Association (HKDA) was established in 2001 by a group of dedicated dietitians with the mission to associate and unite its members in the promotion of high standard professional dietetic practice and optimal nutrition health for the people of Hong Kong. Prior to the incorporation of HKDA, the dietetic profession was mainly represented by the trade union currently known as the "Hong Kong Practising Dietitians Union", which is now responsible for labor relations, occupational health and wellness for dietitians and advocate local statutory registration for dietiitans. The association is a non-profit body of dietetic professionals who continues to expand rapidly over the past two decades. Today, it represents more than 200 members who strive to provide the best quality of care through continuous professional development and mutual professional support. HKDA aims to be an outstanding professional unity with continuing growth and professional advancement and to contribute to the public health of society of Hong Kong.

    Official Contacts

    Contact Name : Sylvia Lam, ICDA Representative
    Email : chairman@hkda.com.hk