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    Tatsushi Komatsu, Ph, RD 


    Presently a Professor at the Faculty of Human Life and Science, Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Tatsushi Komatsu has taught at several educational institutions. He has been involved in the education of a large number of students, not only as a lecturer at several universities, but also in post-graduate research and teaching at graduate schools as a research leader. While teaching as a Professor at the Osaka Prefectural College of Nursing (later integrated with Osaka Prefectural University) Tatsushi was the Dean of the School of Comprehensive Rehabilitation and was involved in the formation of the operational structure of this new graduate school from the ground up.
    As a member of the Board of Directors of the Japan Dietetic Association (JDA), he has been involved in the development and operation of the organization for 22 years. Appointed as President in August 2011, Tatsushi has led approximately fifty thousand members in a process to determine the goals facing the association. The JDA has implemented the promotion of a four-pronged strategy, that is, the formation of new concepts, the realization of the concepts by the dieticians in their duties, public relations and policy formation. Among the work in progress:

    • a proposal for a new improved Nutrition and Dietitian's Act
    • a standard for occupational ethics and their realization in actual practice,
    • promotion of the construction of nutrition care stations, available to all citizens.

    Among his current volunteer activities, Tatsushi serves as a member of the Executive Committee, Japan Health Council and also on the Council for the Promotion of Shokuiku, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.