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    Sheela Krishnaswamy



    Sheela Krishnaswamy is a registered dietitian who lives in Bengaluru, India. She has over 33 years of professional experience in clinical, corporate and communication spaces. She has been trained in India and overseas.  She has contributed to the media (print, audio, visual and online) for several years. 

    Sheela Krishnaswamy founded NICHE in January 2000, a pioneering nutrition consulting firm that provided consultancy services for corporate health with a focus on wellness and prevention. She was a part of the firm for almost 12 years.
    Currently, Sheela Krishnaswamy, is an independent Diet, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant.   
    A life member of professional organizations, Sheela Krishnaswamy was the National Vice-President of the Indian Dietetic Association from Jan 2007 to Dec 2010. She’s now the National President of the Indian Dietetic Association (Jan 2015 to Dec 2018). 
    She was a member on the Board of Directors of the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations (ICDA), from September 2008 to Sep 2012 and also the ICDA representative for India.  She has been elected to the ICDA Board again in September 2016, and will be the country representative for India. She was the editor of the ICDA newsletter from September 2008 to November 2016.