• carole.gif          Dr. Niva Shapira

    Dr. Niva Shapira is a nutrition scientist, investigating nutritional biochemistry and physiology in the clinic, epidemiology, and R&D for functional food development and therapeutic concepts, including child growth and development, lipidemia, CVD, probiotics, sun protection, bone health, and early prevention of breast cancer, as well as sexual dimorphism and gender-specific nutrition, within predictive preventive personalized medicine (PPPM), and health-oriented agriculture. She was a senior lecturer of clinical nutrition at Tel Aviv Univ. (1984-2009) and currently of ‘nutrition and brain’ at Bar Ilan Univ., and ‘functional foods’ at Tel Hai College, and is a joint investigator at the Institute for Nutrition Research at Beilinson Hospital, Rabin Medical Center.

    Dr. Shapira specialized in human ecosystems for enhancing health and human potential at Michigan State Univ., glycemic approach to diabetes and fatty liver prevention at the Univ. of Toronto, and clinical work in the community and project development for the third world (Africa) and Middle East (Peres Center for Peace). She was among the first in establishing integrative nutrition in medical services in Israel, is a frequent speaker at scientific conferences, and is widely published, including research papers and book chapters in the scientific literature as well as in the media.

    Dr. Shapira is a member of the Supreme Inter-Ministerial Israeli Food Council; has served many years on the board of the Israeli Dietetic Association, and as the speaker and writer; is on the board of the European Cancer Prevention Organization; and is a member of the European Council for Predictive, Preventive, Personalised Medicine (PPPM), and of the editorial board for the EPMA Journal. She is active in Israeli Parliament committees on food security, healthy agriculture, and nutrition-related community initiatives.

    She is currently preparing a nutrition science program for health professions cluster, including Public Health, Health Promotion, Nurses and Clinical and Community Nutrition track in Ashkelon Academic Collage, Israel.